Cumberland Environmental Resources Company


State and federal laws require that all crew members handling or supervising the handling of asbestos and lead-based paint pass appropriate licensing examinations.  In addition, those involved with hazardous waste remediation must be licensed for hazardous waste operations and emergency response, or HAZWOPER. 
To qualify for these types of licenses, most states require them to pass an initial round of training and certification.  This training is followed by annual rounds of refresher coursework.
Cumberland Environmental recommends its' team members obtain their training from Tennessee Environmental Services Company (TES), an affiliated organization located in the Nashville, Tennessee area.  TES provides a variety of environmental remediation courses in both English and Spanish that have been accredited by state agencies throughout the southeast United States.  
TES is continually adding new courses and dates to its schedule.  For current information on their course offerings, schedules, and costs, please phone TES at (615) 377-0881.